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Cloud Security Solutions

Endpoint Security

Endpoints can be laptops, mobiles, tablets or any devices that are used to access business data over the cloud. Endpoint security aims to secure these access channels through services like firewall, email security, web filtering and antivirus.

A robust endpoint security solution is paramount to ensure the security and integrity of critical systems, customer data and intellectual property. Our endpoint security solution provides protection from virus, spyware, phishing and hacking and prevents data theft. And it is easy to install, use and scale.

Virtual Firewall

In a world where cyber-attacks are an unfortunate and all too frequent truth, a firewall is the first level of security for an organization’s digital resources against such threats.

With deep packet inspection, Scintillare’s Firewall solution inspects all incoming traffic to identify and block threats, and helps reduce response times to potential attacks and simplify the deployment of security policies. With advanced threat intelligence and high availability, our Firewall solution is customizable to the size of your organization.

Our firewall secures your resources, be it servers, apps or data, to stand strong against spurious traffic and malicious attacks with simple configuration and management.

Web Security

With organizations moving towards flexible work policies, users accessing the internet off the corporate network is commonplace. While a firewall can protect your corporate network from online threats, users accessing the web through cloud-based applications are prone to a plethora of cyber-attacks.

Scintillare Web Security provides robust insights into the internet activity of connected users and helps identify and eliminate threats well before they can affect your corporate network. In addition, our Web Security solution provides:

  • High availability DNS service
  • Simple configuration, deployment, enforcement and monitoring of security policies
  • Fast, reliable, scalable and real-time threat detection
  • Comprehensive reporting of Security events for prospective and retrospective preventive actions
  • Screening of all web content including files and URLs for malware detection

Cloud Security Solutions

Email Security

Email is the most used business service in today’s digitally empowered world. Which is why there is no surprise that email is also the most targeted service by digital threats.

Criminals can potentially access sensitive data pertaining to your business by attaching spyware to an email. Phishing attacks through mails that appear to originate from within your organization or companies you trust can put your data at risk. Spam is a huge headache that keeps trying to find ways to pass through filters and end up in the inbox.

As people access data from anywhere, threats can originate from anywhere too. Most of such threats target organization’s emails and proliferate risks to sensitive data. Our cloud-based email security not only provides robust protection to your email systems but also detect advanced and persistent threats and attacks.

With our email security, your business can take advantage of a reliable, scalable and feature-rich service that is easy to set up, manage and enforce.

Multi Factor Authentication

As per the latest Data Breach Investigation Report, 67% of security breaches are due to credential theft. Compromised passwords are as big a threat to organizations as they are to individuals. That is why the world is moving towards Multi Factor Authentication, where an individual is required to authenticate a transaction more than once.

Our MFA solution is reliable, fast, easy to set up and manage and requires users to go through an additional level of authentication for accessing your organization’s resources, thus preventing attackers from remotely accessing your network and data.

Our MFA solution makes sure that only the right users with healthy devices can get access and helps you monitor connected devices and set security policies customised for your business.